Friday, August 26, 2011

On our way!!

Well we are officially all here in the South Korean Airport for then next like 10 and a half hours...right now we are all laying around trying to decided what to do with all our new found time. The flights were all quite smooth, but Kate, Abi, and I were not sitting near one another on this one so I just slept most of the time :) For breakfast on the plane they served Rice Porridge...I stuck my fork in it to have a little taste and it tastes like water, no flavor whatsoever. Abi was able to last 2 entire flights without once getting motion sickness or even a headache! It's a day I never thought I would witness. Kate on the other hand wasn't feeling so great once or twice on the long flight from LA but she is doing much better now that we are no longer moving.

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