Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So today we got up around 8 and hopped onto these 2 massive army trucks and drove 2.5 hours away to the site they built the maternal health center last year. When we got there it was a cool day, lots of cloud cover, and we painted the inside and outside of the entire center white. It is sooo hard to paint cement! Well we then went for lunch at a pavilion just next to the site and got to have PB&J, best lunch ever...no rice! We started driving home and it started to rain and I am talking like monsoon, down pour, raining! You could hardly see anything on the road. I was riding in the front seat with Maryanne because we get car sick easily and for starters I am sitting between the two seat on the most uncomfortable, small, metal, tool box and then the back of the canvas starts to leak water. Needless to say, by the time we got home my back of my shirt and shorts were DRENCHED! For dinner tonight we got Pizza Hut to deliver to the hotel so we wouldn't have to go out in the rain again which was nice. Pizza and Mango shakes...dinner of champions. Well tonight is our last night in this lovely AC hotel, we head back to the island tomorrow morning and are there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then come back to a different hotel Saturday morning on Cebu.

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