Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wednesday and Thrusday


We woke up early and were going to head back to the island but the
boat wasn't going to be able to leave till 8am so we got to have
breakfast at McDonalds again. I have pankcakes and a hot fudge sundae
Best sundae I ever tasted! So We get to the boat finally and found out
we needed gas so ended up waiting on the boat for like and hour and if
I had to venture a guess I would say it was 95 degrees, if not hotter!
Finally we start heading back and we are all putting sunscreen on before
the ride and I put it on everywhere, except places I never get
mistake. I was laying down on the boat and now have tomatoe red legs from
mid-thigh down. It looks much worse than it feels but still pretty sore.
When we got to the island we unpacked and headed up the the work site but
of course we had to supplies and had to again wait for them to come, only
they didn't come for about 5 hours later. So while waiting me and some guys
went to this place on the other side of the island called the fish sanctuary
and went snorkeling, it was so so cool! We saw just about every fish from
Finding Nemo, even the drop off and I also got stung by a jellyfish which
left a lovely mark on my shin. Afterwards we just hung out don't here for
the night and played with a puppy. At dinner time we got a movie projector
and watched Avatar on the side of the old church, it was way neat.


Well I was very stiff thursday morning from my sunburnt legs but mostly...
already...dying of heat! We headed up early this morning to work on the school
and we got all the colums filled with cement and the outside border. It was cool
we had a little assembly line going so it went by really quick, and we all
were covered in cement by the end of the morning. We all walked back down the
hill to camp and just walked right into the ocean in our cement covered clothes
to try and get it off. It came off our clothes pretty easily and it was all over
my legs and would not come off! I sat in the water and was rubbing sand on my
legs to get the cement off which killed because of my sunburn! Once finally all
clean we all were laying down reading and chatting and one girl went to get her
tank top off the clothes line and screams, so of course we all run over to see
why...yeah, I sooo wish I hadn't done that! There, half inside her tank top, is
this thick, brownish-black, hairy, spider. No lie, it was the size of an orange!
I am officially scared to go under the clothes line because we couldn't find it
after hitting it off her shirt! Well we then helped this kid with his eagle
project, he collected/raised money for sports equiptment to give to the school
here, so we pumped up all the balls then headed up the hill to the school. The
kids are still in school when we get there and they all came out and sat on the
grass and we told them what the stuff was for and then explained to them how to
play kick ball! It was so fun, we played one round with just us and ten island
kids so everyone could see and then some kids played. We then handed out all the
balls, frisbees, jump ropes, and baseball stuff and just let the kids all play
with everything and we played with them. Volleyball, some played basketball with
the older boys, we taught the girls jump rope and played with them. they were
just having a blast, it was fun to watch. Well we came back and just hung out
and watch Prince of Persia and The Blind Side while eating dinner on the
projector and then headed to bed.

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