Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 weeks down...100 days to go.

Well nothing has been really happening much since my last post...just the same day to day stuff of teaching, napping, walking every where and doing homework :) We did have the chance to go to a Chinese club last was newly opened and so so fun. The only people really dancing were us 17 from ILP and the DJ was so cool, he played awesome English songs...even some backstreet boys! All the Chinese people in the club just sat there and watched us, some even filmed us, it was funny! Today was an awesome day for teaching...A: because Collin was not a devil child today and he stayed in his chair the entire time! and B: becaus I get 4 days off starting now and get to spend most of them in Beijing...and on a bus...but mostly in Beijing! Tonight we were walking to the grocery store from the bank and we saw some "bung bung" driver hit a kid on a bicycle, I'm pretty sure I will NOT be walking through that parking lot ever again.

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