Saturday, September 3, 2011

Amazing Day!

Yesterday we went to the Zoo, it is about an hour and a half away from our school but it is easily the biggest zoo I have ever seen! Hogle Zoo will forever be a let down after this one. You walk in and have only one walk way, one way in and one way out, which was nice because we couldn't get lost. Also I have never seen so many stairs ever...the Chinese really like their stairs, I must of climbed thousands of them yesterday. So the animals are caged, more like in separate areas with stone walls, and the walk ways for the tourists are along the top of them all so you can see them down below. After we got through the main part of the zoo they have a few little tents/pop-ups set up with animals underneath them and you can get your picture taken with them! I got my picture taken with a young lion, a young Siberian tiger, an elephant, a walrus, sea turtles, a bear and I shared my sandwich with a giraffe :) It was pretty much the coolest things I have ever been able to do!! Since pictures for some reason aren't working on here check them all out on my facebook page, if we are not friends my mom has them on her page as well! We also had quite a few native Chinese people that came up to us and and wanted to get their picture taken with us! It's so funny how strange we are to them. Well it was a long but amazing day, we got to see all sorts of animals, eat lunch on the rocks of the Yellow Sea, definitely worth every penny! Tomorrow we are experiencing our first Church meeting over Skype, it'll be pretty interesting I'm sure. 

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